Frequently asked questions

What's your delivery and set-up charge?

 We offer FREE local delivery, FREE set-up and FREE removal of old furniture. We really want to keep that old hometown store feel by giving you this option. So, come pick out what you need and we will do the hard work of the delivery, set-up, and removal.  

What do you do with the stuff you remove?

 Typically we try to donate everything we haul away from customers to local thrift stores/organizations. Although, we don't want to make the donation organizations a junk yard either. So, if it's not in a condition for donation due to rips, smoke, breaks, or anything else. We will haul it off to the landfill for you. We do proudly always try to donate first.  

Do I always have to order or if it's in stock can I have it right off the floor?

 One thing we are proud of, is that we do not make things permanent on our sales floor. If you need it as soon as possible you can take it home same day, right off the floor. We will deliver the item for FREE within 48 hours of when you purchased it as long as it's an item in stock.  

Are you locally owned?

Not only are we locally owned. We are family operated by Brian (Dad), Tracy (Mom), Trevor (Son), as well as other family members helping from time to time. We were all born and raised here in Walla Walla, we are proud to offer that hometown family store here in our town. 

Where is the furniture that you carry made?

 We are predominantly an all USA made furniture store. We do offer one company that is made out of Mexico, still bench built furniture. All made from the states of Indiana, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, Idaho, California, South Dakota and Arizona. 

If I do special order something what's the wait time?

Depending on company and products, we can see some special order items in less than 2 weeks. Though average time is 4-6 weeks with some companies taking up to 8 weeks to arrive. 

Can you customize your furniture?

 ALL of our living room furniture we offer can be ordered at a minimum 150 fabric/leather options and upwards to 700 fabrics options depending on the brand. As well as most of our bedroom furniture can also be ordered in different woods, finishes, and configurations. We are proud to offer furniture that is built uniquely YOURS! 

Do you offer financing?

 Yes! We do offer NO interest financing options on approval of credit. From 6 months NO interest to up to 4 years NO interest options. Best of all of you don't have to put any money down.    

What other items do you carry?

 We offer all types of other items that will finish your shopping for the room. We also carry wall clocks, pictures, rugs, lamps, ​pillows, mattress protectors and more.